Friday, 27 September 2013

7 weeks and Counting...

My First Appearance!!!!

My first apperance as Miss sussex was at Swindon Mela. I walked around sashed and chatted and took photos and answered questions.

Later, as part of the Wilshire Beauty Queens, I took photos and made contacts whilst had a great time. The atmosphere was buzzing, the smell of sumptuous food mouth watering and the support and kindness of the swindon people and their sincere interest in Miss Sussex in their turf was heart warming. I will not forget that day!!

Was nice to see all those supporting amongst them being the mayor.

This week, I  had meetings with the council and will be working with them to set up a charity to actively work along side government strategy helping to reduce crime rate, domestic violence and  drug and alcohol abuse  in Swindon. This is just the start in the journey to set this up and gain our own building. So watch the space for progress on how that all goes.

Upcoming Charity Events

Check out this link. Doing a 5hr Charity Bootcamp tomorrow with Mike Buss ( Ex Army Operation Commando Ambassador and Ambassador for The Royal Marines Associations)!/events/653416151336582/?ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming

Rasing money for SANDS (Still birth and Neonetal deaths)

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